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Primus 05/30/04 Berkeley, CA @ Greek Theatre (DSBD!)

Crazy Primus DSBD: sounds GREAT!


From http://www.primuslive.com/catalog/show.php?show_id=46 :

 First ever La Villa Strangiato performed by Primus. The Greek has been described by Les as his favorite venue to play. The high energy and extended set list reflects that statement.

Seas of Cheese    03:46
Here Come the Bastards    06:12
In the Flesh    03:18
Southbound Pachyderm    07:20
La Villa Strangiato    08:32
The Last Superpower aka Rapscallion    14:34
My Name Is Mud    06:18
Bob    08:51
Mary The Ice Cube    04:48
Tommy the Cat    08:52

To Defy the Laws of Tradition    06:51
Groundhog's Day    09:20
Too Many Puppies    04:27
Mr. Knowitall    04:24
Frizzle Fry    07:42
John The Fisherman    04:14
You Can't Kill Michael Malloy    02:10
The Toys Go Winding Down    10:02
Pudding Time    04:40

Sathington Willoughby    02:23
Drum and Whamola Jam    07:43
Spegetti Western    08:05
Harold of the Rocks    08:10
To Defy    02:40
YYZ    02:13


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