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Soul and Funk

If you like soul, it doesn't get better than Soulive.  The Evans brothers and Krasno jam out Long Meadows Park, Sinclairville, NY in 2000.

Here's a great DSBD crossposted from archive.org: you can stream it there if you want a preview, or go ahead and download VBR MP3 or lossless versions. 

Also Krasno's prior band Lettuce follows that.  Lettuce came out of Krasno and some Berkley (Boston) classmates, including Sam Kininger, now a permanent member of Soulive.  Outstanding funk band, and another crossposting courtesy of LlaMA.  This time they funked up New Orleans.  Features and Ian Neville sit-in and in celebration of the Late Hardest Working Man in Show Business they do a great James Brown Medley.  Great pics from this amazing show here.


Soulive	06-10-2000 Scotty-Paluza, Long Meadows Park, Sinclairville, NY
SBD->SBM-1->D100 @44.1kHz(more details below);
Sony 59ES->Audio Magic Presto II->ZA2->Soundforge 4.5->CDWav->.shn
Recorded by Sean Cartwright
Transfer and encoding by Eric McRoberts

Disk 1
1. Intoduction
2. Steppin
3. Cannonball->
4. Doin' Something->
5. Chameleon->
6. Doin' Something
7. Bridge to Bama
8. Uncle Junior
9. It's Your Thing
10. Church->
11. Turn It Out

Notes from Mr. Cartwright:
SBD feed->splitter box that split the RCA cable from the board into 3 (maybe 4) RCA female connectors->Gold plated Radio Shack RCA cable->my SBM1->D100 @ 44.1




Source:  AT4050 (card) > XLR > Edirol R-4 (24/48)

Set One:
d1t01 "Welcome to Sold Out Rage"/intro
d1t02  Blast Offd1t03  Speak EZ
d1t04  The Last Suppitd1t05  Mr. Yancey
d1t06  Salute
d1t07  Movin' On Up >
d1t08  Move On Up
d1t09  By Any Shmeeans Necessary
d1t10  Sam Huff's Flying Rage Machine > 
d1t11  James Brown Medley#

Set Two:
d2t01 intro/banter
d2t02 King Of The Burgs
d2t03 ^
d2t04 Makin' My Way Back Home
d2t05 Need To Understand
d2t06 Break Out Reprise >
d2t07 Relax
d2t08 The L.E.S.
d2t09 Nyack+
d2t10 E. Vill^
d2t11 Funky Good Time
d2t12 Reunion*



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