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Iron & Wine at WorkPlay in Birmingham


Iron & Wine
WorkPlay SoundStage
Birmingham, AL

01. Intro
02. Die*
03. Radio War*
04. Resurrection Fern*
05. Each Coming Night**
06. Upward Over The Mountain**
07. Woman King >
08. Wolves (Song of the Shepherd's Dog)
09. Carousel
10. Cinder And Smoke
11. Jezebel
12. Waste of Time (?)
13. Sodom, South Georgia
14. Peace Beneath The City
15. Love And Some Verses
16. The Night Descending
17. House By The Sea >
18. The Devil Never Sleeps
19. Crowd
20. He Lays In The Reins**

* Sam Solo
** Sam & Sarah Solo

Source: Schoeps MK4(nos) > KC5 > CMC6 + MK21|MK8(mid-side) > CMC6 > Kynd Kables > Busman Mod Edirol R-4 Pro

Location: FOB/DFC @ 11'

Lineage: Edirol R4 Pro @ 24/48 > HD > Wavelab 5 > CDWave

Tape and Transfer: Jeff Hatcher (habit1973@gmail.com)

df04cacf9afa3f55723676eb1a6c4342 *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t01.flac
16bafd6c1bf9aa9ee13dda866b8ab0ae *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t02.flac
b43236ff76c054ddff6a364b10a86086 *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t03.flac
876a30e9255923a0c94b8c749ee7cf66 *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t04.flac
be06e9b2a4b3a8850d9489b6f5f94be6 *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t05.flac
dc099409d41e5e6bdace9b19b098479e *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t06.flac
b3eb63afa3acff5adf71569a39b24c7b *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t07.flac
a572f0639d613a7d0e88150c1e059f42 *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t08.flac
a0b40529ab24bad2cd1a98228939ad5a *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t09.flac
e2cf2c7678cb71df2064b48e1997528c *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t10.flac
cf6a83ec397a6685ac127f8a2704e6ba *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t11.flac
d9b9c49029d028cb94920885b67fc655 *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t12.flac
ff08753c770cb9f1987a5171060310b2 *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t13.flac
af1ccf8ae8374e9a19116c8e7a22f67c *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t14.flac
c4b263b0432289572b33b33e9d587c8f *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t15.flac
a36f0e2b8914e944ea237fa362b5ba9f *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t16.flac
553f1e1d45fed761657763d2cca22d3a *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t17.flac
a27b7d4850fa18bcf91a21dca13738dd *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t18.flac
02a923c56ecc0cb5b2633959d8401c3e *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t19.flac
56c9295b414bed2ec8a7fcdd7691cb47 *ironwine2008-11-22jhatcher_t20.flac


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