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Drive-By Truckers: Southern Rock Opera Live


Drive By Truckers
Southern Rock Opera Live
1/18/02 7 1/19/02
Zephyr Club, Salt Lake City, UT

Southern Rock Opera Act 1 (1/18/02)

01 Days Of Graduation
02 intro to SRO act 1
03 Ronnie and Neil
04 72
05 Dead, Drunk, and Naked
06 Guitar Man Upstairs
07 Birmingham
08 The Southern Thing
09 The Three Great Alabama Icons
10 Wallace
11 Zip City
12 Buttholeville

Southern Rock Opera Act 2 (1/19/02)

01 Don't Cock-Block the Rock
02 Let There Be Rock
03 Road Cases
04 Women Without Whiskey
05 Plastic Flowers On The Highway
06 One of These Days
07 Life In The Factory
08 Shut Up and Get On The Plane
09 Greenville To Baton Rouge
10 Angels and Fuselage

Over two nights at the Zephyr, the Truckers brought
their acclaimed double album Southern Rock Opera
to the stage in its entirety. If you've heard Southern Rock Opera, you have an idea how great this show is. If you haven't heard Drive-By Truckers, well, you
should definately check them out.  Southern Rock Opera combines the story of Lynyrd Skynyrd with
southern myths, legends and icons to document
life in the American South. All of their albums are
great, they have created a mythological southern landscape that is bristling with mystery, fear and hope.

This is a soundboard recording...now, c'mon, getcher Sunday best on...we all is goin' to the Opry!




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