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Fat Man in the Graveyard

Well, they actually scattered his ashes in the Pacific.  What a terrible shame that he's gone...

For this mini-tribute to Lowell George, I am posting a 1973 gem from Little Feat as well as one of Lowell's last shows on his solo tour from 1979.


Little Feat
Ultra Sonic Studios
Hempstead, NY

Apolitical Blues,
Got No Shadow,
On Your Way Down,
Walking All Night,
Interview w/ Lowell,
Two Trains,
Fat Man in the Bathtub,
Sailing Shoes,
Cold Cold Cold> Dixie Chicken> Tripe Face Boogie,
Teenage Nervous Breakdown


Lowell George
June 26, 1979
Alexander's, Browns Mill, New Jersey

Found these comments on the web regarding this show:
"Lowell passed away on 6/29/79. Various cuts/splices are present, but the best possi
ble job has been done to bring the audience and FM sources together to make a comple
te show. The bootleg "Walk Together, Darling" is from this show. "

Disc 1:
1. introduction/Fat Man In The Bathtub
2. Honest Man (brief static/warble at around 4:10)
3. What Do You Want The Girl To Do
4. Can't Stand The Rain
5. Easy Money (audience source splice at 4:58 or so)
6. Rocket In My Pocket
7. Apolitical Blues

Disc 2:
1. Two Trains/
2. Dixie Chicken (fm source splice at :45 or so)
3. -audience applause
4. Willin'
5. Spanish Moon (audience source splice at 7:48 or so)



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