July 12, 2009

Oh, Atlanta! Little Feat 1973-09-17 Richard's Atlanta, GA

Little Feat

Atlanta, GA
1cdr, 68:26

Lineage: SBD>MR>cas>cdr>wav>flac lvl8

Sound Quality: A-

Contrast Clause: This is an upgrade of Torrent #139289 in terms of sound quality.

This recording is not sourced from the bootleg CD uploaded as Torrent #139289. I received this cdr in trade as "digital mix from 4-channel, Dolby C master" which I take to mean the 4-channel master reel was mixed down to a cassette which later ended up on a cdr. There is some audible evidence suggesting that the mix may have been done on-the-fly or that it was a monitor mix recording to begin with. The cut in Tripe Face Boogie is suggestive of a cassette tape flip. At any rate, it sounds excellent with great clarity, separation, and punch.

1 introcuction > Walking All Night 4:30
2 Two Trains 3:20
3 Got No Shadow 5:29
4 The Fan 7:18
5 On Your Way Down 6:34
6 Rock & Roll Doctor 3:34
7 Oh! Atlanta 4:14
8 Skin It Back 4:39
9 Fat Man in the Bathtub 5:25
10 Sailin' Shoes 4:51
11 Cold Cold Cold 5:02 [brief cut at 2:42, ~1s missing]
12 Dixie Chicken > 7:21
13 Tripe Face Boogie 1:45 [// nc, 10s-ff, missing segment, poss tape flip]
14 Bag of Reds 1:57
15 Tripe Face Boogie Reprise > Announcemnet 2:22

I remain uncertain of the date for this set. The date as I recieved it in cdr trade was April 1973. Track 1, the MC pronounces: "Okaaaaay. Direct from a return engagement at Mrs. Hull's Boarding House, here they are, Little Feat". In FeatBase there are no entries for San Francisco or The Boarding House in 1973, and particularly not the night before this date which is occupied by a date at another venue. Featbase lists the following dates for Richard's in Atlanta: Sep, 17-20, 1973 and Aug. 22-24, 1974, and only one date for the Boarding House in San Francisco: 6/1/1976. However, this set matches perfectly that given for Torrent #139289, and is the only one of the dates for which a soundboard recording is known to exist.


Following are details from the superceded Torrent #139289.

Little Feat
Atlanta, GA

Source: SBD > ?

Set List

01. Walkin' All Night
02. Two Trains
03. Got No Shadow
04. The Fan
05. On Your Way Down
06. Rock and Roll Doctor
07. Oh Atlanta
08. Skin It Back
09. Fatman In The Bathtub
10. Sailin' Shoes
11. Cold, Cold, Cold
12. Dixie Chicken
13. Tripe Face Boogie
14. Bag Of Reds
15. Tripe Face Boogie

Total Time: 68:44


This is a B grade quality soundboard mix (very doubtful an audience as claimed) with a small amount of tape hiss. Some parts are better than others. This is a fixed version of the source incorrectly listed in the Live Music Archive as 1973-01-01. Several dropouts of less than one second duration were removed and tracking mistakes were corrected. No other processing was done. The last two tracks in the archive version are not actually part of this show. This is a good show overall. - Dub Irie (2007-03-20)

Additional comments from LMA seed:

Little Feat opened for Bonnie Bramlett, Little Feat performed as Bonnie Bramlett's back-up band for 4 nights at Richard's in Atlanta, GA, from September 17 through 20, 1973

This is an old somewhat well circulated boot of Little Feat's. I got it from the
early rounds of their tape tree called highway95 (you can sign up if you like;
go to I used EAC to rip the original which lists this
A sound, audience recording.

Quote from hoyhoy-digest number 2276 (11 Dec 2002):

"They (Little Feat) were billed as the opening act for Bonnie Bramlett and when they got done I nearly left because I didn't see how Bonnie and her band could top what I had just seen the Feat do. There was no equipment change between sets and I thought it odd that two bands would share the same equipment. I'm glad I stuck around! There was no equipment change because the Feat was Bonnie Bramlett's back-up band!"

November 13, 2008

Fat Man in the Graveyard

Well, they actually scattered his ashes in the Pacific.  What a terrible shame that he's gone...

For this mini-tribute to Lowell George, I am posting a 1973 gem from Little Feat as well as one of Lowell's last shows on his solo tour from 1979.


Little Feat
Ultra Sonic Studios
Hempstead, NY

Apolitical Blues,
Got No Shadow,
On Your Way Down,
Walking All Night,
Interview w/ Lowell,
Two Trains,
Fat Man in the Bathtub,
Sailing Shoes,
Cold Cold Cold> Dixie Chicken> Tripe Face Boogie,
Teenage Nervous Breakdown


Lowell George
June 26, 1979
Alexander's, Browns Mill, New Jersey

Found these comments on the web regarding this show:
"Lowell passed away on 6/29/79. Various cuts/splices are present, but the best possi
ble job has been done to bring the audience and FM sources together to make a comple
te show. The bootleg "Walk Together, Darling" is from this show. "

Disc 1:
1. introduction/Fat Man In The Bathtub
2. Honest Man (brief static/warble at around 4:10)
3. What Do You Want The Girl To Do
4. Can't Stand The Rain
5. Easy Money (audience source splice at 4:58 or so)
6. Rocket In My Pocket
7. Apolitical Blues

Disc 2:
1. Two Trains/
2. Dixie Chicken (fm source splice at :45 or so)
3. -audience applause
4. Willin'
5. Spanish Moon (audience source splice at 7:48 or so)