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Muleoween 2009

Gov't Mule
Upper Darby, PA
Tower Theater

Comments: This set list is in the process of being updated and corrected this is a correct song list...set list notes are still incomplete.
Lineage: Unknown AUD, sounds good though--McLain

1st Set: Under My Thumb *(1), Monkey Man *(2), Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) *(3), Can't you Hear Me Knocking *(4), Angie *(5), Ventilator Blues *(6), Shattered *(7), Wild Horses *(7), Slave *(8), Gimme Shelter *(9), Play With Fire *(10), Paint It Black *(7), Bitch *(3), Brown Sugar *(3)

2nd Set: Steppin' Lightly , Broke Down On The Brazos , Railroad Boy > Monday Mourning Meltdown > Forevermore > Brighter Days > Blind Man In The Dark *(11)

Encore: Goin' Out West (12), Peter Gunn tease (12), Bang A Gong (12), Peter Gunn tease (12), Goin' Out West (13) Setlist Notes: (1) with Jackie Greene on Guitar; (2) with Jackie Greene on guitar, Dan Louis on trumpet, Steve Elson on tambourine; (3) with Jackie Greene on keyboard, Dan Louis on guitar & Steve Elson on maracas; (4) wtih Warren Haynes & Jackie Greene on acoustic guitars; (5) with Jackie Greene on guitar & harmonica, Steve Elson on sax & Dan Louis on trumpet; (6) w/Jackie on guitar, Matt on lead vocals, Danny on bass & Jorgen on drums; (7) with Jackie Greene on guitar & vocals & Steve Elson on sax & cowbell; (8) with Jackie Greene on guitar & harmonica & Steve Elson on gourd type instrument; (9) with Warren & Jackie Greene on acoustic guitars, Dan Louis on keyboards, no Matt Abts on drums, nor Jorgen Carlsson on bass; (10) Jackie on guitar & Steve Elson on tambourine; (11) with Jackie Greene on keyboards, Steve Elson on sax & cowbell & Dan Louis on guitar; (12) with Jackie Greene on guitar and Steve Elson on sax ; (13) with Steve Elson on sax about half way through the song; (14) Jackie on guitar, Steve Elson on cowbell & Danny on trumpet


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